Responsible Electronics Recycling

It is crucial to responsibly recycle retired IT equipment in order to protect your brand and avoid substantial fees imposed by state or local governments. Moreover, there is a concerning rise in illegal e-waste exports, with companies unknowingly falling victim to fraudulent practices that falsely claim compliance with international laws.

At GreenBoard IT, we provide a guarantee that our clients’ e-waste disposal requirements are met in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Our certification under the rigorous R2v3 standard ensures that we undergo regular third-party audits of our facilities and downstream processors.

All electronics are processed in the following manner:

  • In compliance with R2v3 certification downstream due diligence requirements
  • Landfill reduction policy
  • Compliant with all local and federal laws
  • Will not be exported to illicit overseas buyers
  • Downstream accountability maintained for each transaction