IT Peace of Mind

A trusted partner to securely & sustainably dispose of your IT assets; protecting you and your customer.

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Customers Who Trust Us

Our customers are our strongest advocates. These are just a few of the groups that trust us with their IT assets.

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Certifications That Matter

We believe in doing the right thing… these certifications help us prove our processes and standards exceed industry expectations.

  • Logistics

A Simple Process

Our staff commits to excellent project management from start to finish. We work with our clients to coordinate the best method of securely moving your electronics to our processing facility. Most clients have single location pick-ups, but if you need additional logistical support or de-installation services, just ask!

  • Tracking & Reporting

All The Details

We provide a list of all devices that have been collected. This allows our clients to end software licenses, warranties, and support contracts. Do you have a need for specialized reporting, please ask!

  • Data Destruction

A Clean Slate – No Matter What

GreenBoard IT commits to sanitizing all data from any data bearing device. We use rigorous data sanitization methodologies to ensure data is no longer accessible when we receive the device. Additionally, we provide reports confirming destruction of data for all data bearing devices we receive. We can also serve specialized data destruction requirements for your industry or compliance departments as needed.

  • Recycling

A Sustainable Process

GreenBoard IT is both secure and sustainable. We commit to a zero-landfill policy and only use certified vendors for final recycling. Our proprietary operations ensure components are properly sorted and recycled.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Together we can design a solution that works for you and protects your customers. Every relationship starts with a conversation so we can understand your needs and tailor our processes to fit the unique situation of every client.

“The team at GreenBoard IT is fabulous. They helped us protect ourselves and our customers. We’ve never had a negative experience and always look forward to working with the team”

Chuck George


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